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Pasadena, CA

Actress Kristen Wiig’s Pasadena house is a classic mid-century style, nestled among trees.
Plenty of floor-to-ceiling windows. Shed ceilings in many rooms. Minimalist design and furnishings. A high gloss white contemporary kitchen that works great with the minimalist design and furnishings.

This kitchen remodeling project is as picture-perfect as they come. The open concept floor plan invites guests to move freely throughout the kitchen and breakfast area. The mostly white, minimalist kitchen is accented with pops of color in the form of natural wood shelves. We can just picture her alums around the kitchen, awash with the natural light from the California sun.

Please call us at 818.505.1546 to talk to one of our custom cabinet designers or stop by our kitchen and bath design showroom in Studio City.

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