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Put the wow factor in your bathroom design or remodel. Let help you


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Custom Kitchen Remodeling in Los Angeles

The Kitchen Factory is a group of thinkers, designers and craftspeople.
We create empowering and delightful kitchens, bathrooms and
closets since 1988.  

Our goal has always been to put design and craftsmanship in focus and to keep our clients happy. Our projects are sensitive to their function and built with fine craftsmanship.

Our company has built a strong reputation in kitchen design and remodeling for stunning homes.

Valerie Bertinelli's kitchen - designed by, cabinets by cabinetsbyze

We build your kitchen and let you be you.

A kitchen can do everything. Whatever you are planning, we want to help you achieve it. Set your creativity, your zest for life, your experience run wild and dream. When you are ready, speak to us . Let us build your new favorite place that can do everything.We look forward to seeing you!

View our Projects

Get a glimpse of the different kitchen remodeling projects. Be inspired.
Discover our amazing collaboration with homeowners!

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